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Tea Time with Porn Star Kennedy Carter

by JC Alvarez
Monday Feb 28, 2011

There was a whole lot of shaking going on this weekend in New York City and some of that bump and grind was brought on courtesy of UK born, adult entertainment sensation, the dashingly charming Kennedy Carter. He’s made his mark featured in Raging Stallion Studios hits like Golden Gate and Night Maneuvers, an the ubiquitously entitled Don’t Ask, Just F**k. And with his sly British grin and slim, chiseled physique it’s easy to imagine how Kennedy Carter has made his way into some of his fan’s raunchiest fantasies.

I caught up with the star for a little Q&A, just as he trekked on back to his home in London, from just wrapping up a weekend of entertaining the masses at a packed NYC night spot that was very sexy sexy on Friday night.

JC: How did you land a gig in the adult entertainment industry? Were you discovered? Was it something that you pursued?

Kennedy Carter: I sent off my photos or filled in the online application form for every studio I could think of, and was lucky that nearly all of them responded.

JC: What was your first day at work like? Was it something that came naturally, or were you at all gun shy?

KC: No I have always been a real exhibitionist so getting naked in front of other people was never difficult for me. It was a small crew and another guy who was making his first movie, which stopped it from being intimidating.

JC: How do you prepare for a busy day on the set? Do you have any (sexual) rituals that you adhere to or do you spend an extra day pumping up at the gym?

KC: No, I’m at the gym every day anyway, so just plenty of sleep and water.

Behind the Scenes, Under the Sheets...

JC: It’s not uncommon for a performer in porn these days to be gay-for-pay. Are you straight, bi, gay? And does that affect how you perform - for example - if you are gay, do you only prefer to team up with other gay actors, or does it matter at all?

KC: I’m totally gay, and I personally would prefer to only have sex with other gay actors. I want to be having sex with someone who really enjoys it.

JC: How would you describe yourself? You’re incredibly charming and natural looking with a sexily slim gorgeous build, but with all those tattoos (grrrr) you’ve certainly got an edge!

KC: I guess I would describe myself as a little slimmer and less built than most porn actors, but still a great performer.

JC: I would agree...you’re very charismatic and know how to work the crowd...it’s very sweet and sexy.

JC: How long have you been working in porn? How many films have you been featured in?

KC: In the year or so I have been doing porn I have made about 30 scenes, including web stuff.

JC: What studios have you aligned yourself with. How do the studios differ?

KC: They all differ in terms of their production values, the aesthetic of the guys they use and so on. I have done most of my work with Raging Stallion, as I am one of their exclusive performers.

JC: Have you ever fallen for one of your co-stars? I’m sure it’s a risk of the business.

KC: I did date another porn actor once, but it was pretty casual.

JC: Do you have a particular "type" that you prefer to work with? A particular (sexual) position that just comes naturally?

KC: I am very versatile so enjoy fucking and getting fucked. I guess my dream co-star would be Latin, in his 30s, tattooed, bearded, muscled, and with a big dick and a nice ass.

JC: Hmmm...Sounds like I may have a chance at catching your eye. (Long pause) Don’t laugh at me...a boy can dream (insert heavy sign). Is it difficult to settle down or date working in the adult industry?

KC: Yes, it is definitely something that a lot of people find hard to accommodate in somebody they are having a relationship with. But I meet guys all the time that are unfazed by the situation too. 


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