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Just for Fun: Granddaughter Helps Man Drive Through Garage Door

Jun 15
Steve Hartman introduces us to a 91-year-old man who became a video sensation by driving a car through a garage door - a "bucket list" wish that his granddaughter helped him accomplish.

Porsche Wins the 24 Hours Le Mans Race for Record 17th Time

Jun 15
With German Formula One driver Nico Hulkenberg behind the wheel, Porsche won the 24 Hours Le Mans on Sunday to end Audi's five-race winning run and clinch a record 17th victory at the famous endurance race.

American Car Enthusiasts in Iran Await Deal

Jun 11
Sanctions against Iran have made it challenging for the country's car enthusiasts to maintain their beloved American muscle cars. The owners of classic Mustangs and Camaros are among the many waiting to reap the benefits of a nuclear deal.

Google Will Make Monthly Reports on Self-Driving Cars

Jun 9
Google will release monthly reports on the performance of its self-driving cars, and it disclosed summaries of the 12 accidents that involved the vehicles.

Right-Winger: Unnecessary Seat Belt Laws Caused LGBT Rights

By EDGE | Jun 8
According to one anti-gay right-winger, the road to hell (aka LGBT rights) is paved with not so good intentions and seatbelt laws.

Tesla Motors Co-Founder Wants to Electrify Commercial Trucks

By Terence Chea | Jun 5
Tesla Motors, a Silicon Valley company, has helped jumpstart the market for electric cars. Now, the Tesla co-founder wants to electrify noisy, gas-guzzling trucks that deliver packages, haul garbage and make frequent stops on city streets.

Auto Loan Terms, Leasing Reaching New Highs

Jun 4
Auto loan terms are getting longer and leasing is on the rise as car buyers seek lower monthly payments.

Intel Buys into Chips Powering Cloud Computing, Smarter Cars

By Bree Fowler | Jun 3
Intel is buying chip designer Altera for about $16.7 billion in cash to expand its reach into new chip markets that are powering the wireless revolution, smarter cars and more.

Uber, Lyft Push Back Against Proposed NYC Regulations

By Karen Matthews | Jun 1
Representatives of Uber and Lyft warned Thursday that a New York City effort to regulate app-based ride-hailing services will stall innovation and threaten competition.

Pakistan Vintage Car Collectors Preserve a Part of History

By Asif Shahzad | May 28
Pakistan's gearheads are a testament to the universal appeal of fixing up and maintaining vintage cars, more commonly associated with America and the West from where popular shows like "Top Gear" or "Fast N' Loud" have reached Pakistani cable channels.

6 thru 15 of 568 Stories