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Jason Dottley Explains 'Life on the gAy-List'

Thursday Jul 2, 2015

Jason Dottley has stories to tell - many of which are NSFW. And expect the 34-year old singer/actor/performer to tell all on Thursday night when he comes to Club Café with his solo show, Life on the gAy-List.

The boyishly handsome Dottley first came to fame on "Sordid Lives: The Series," which premiered on Logo in 2008 and was seen in 17 countries throughout the world. On the show he played Ty Williamson, a closeted-20 year old from a small Texas town that moves to Los Angeles to become an actor.

There is nothing, though, closeted about Dottley, who came to LA from a small town in Mississippi to also pursue an acting career. There he met playwright/actor/director Del Shores, who created "Sordid Lives: The Series" from his cult film "Sordid Lives," released in 2000. They were married in 2003 and both worked tirelessly for marriage equality in California and throughout the United States, which is why many were shocked when the couple announced their divorce in 2011.

Early in his career Dottley starred in a production of Terrence McNally's "The Lisbon Traviata," for which he received stellar reviews. He also toured and produced a national tour called "Southern Baptist Sissies/Sordid Lives National Tour," which starred Delta Burke and Leslie Jordan. In 2010 he won him the most prestigious Los Angeles Drama Critic's Circle "Best World Premiere Play" Award for his production of "Yellow" at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood.

As a singer he is a 3-time Top 25 Billboard (US) recording artist & Top 10 (UK) ElectroPop Star. His hits - "Party Round the World," "Pop It" and "It's Our Night" all placed on charts in the US and Great Britain. The title song to his album "Love Story" became the basis of "The Love Story Project," which used photos and interviews from real gay couples from around the world to show the universality of love. To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Madonna's "Crazy For You," Dottley released his fifth single on February 13, 2015. In it, Dottley adds his own touch and interpretation to Madonna's love ballad from the 1980s All records combined, Dottley has spent over 44 weeks on Billboard's Charts.

Dottley's public divorce led to a "Today Show" feature on unfathomed waters of gay divorce. Because of this public exposure, he's been labeled "the public face of gay divorce" by New York City's next Magazine. He is also a proud member of 2008's Out 100 Most Influential People in LGBT culture.

How did "The poster boy for gay marriage" become "public face of gay divorce?" And what about his mis-sexting Lance Bass? Expect to hear about that and other celebrity misadventures, as well as Dottley's experiences with heartbreak and 21-year-olds, lessons learned from Delta Burke, the time he kissed Perez Hilton, accidental watersports, and every regrettable decision in between in his show.

EDGE spoke to Dottley earlier this week for a quick Q&A:

EDGE: You're on currently on a 40-city tour - are you enjoying it?

Jason Dottley: Touring is an exercise in 'just the tip.' I'm in a city just long enough to get all hot and bothered, and then I pull out and go home. I wish I had more time to visit.

EDGE: Have you been to Boston before?

Jason Dottley: This is my first time! And you know how important your first time is.

EDGE: How would you describe 'Life on the gAy-List?'

Jason Dottley: It's like life on the A-list with a lot more oral. Or less, I guess, depending on your agent.

EDGE: You describe yourself in the show as 'the poster boy of gay marriage' turned 'public face of gay divorce.' Could you explain?

Jason Dottley: I don't describe myself as such, the press has described me that way. Being married publicly put my marriage in front of many people and we were considered role models. Two dads, two kids, two dogs. Then, of course, our divorce happened when no other gay celebrities had been divorced so we then became the example for that. I am honored to have been able to be there for my community in both capacities.

EDGE: Is talking about your very public divorce difficult for you?

Jason Dottley: Going through it was difficult, talking about it is healing. As for my ex-husband Del Shores, talking about our divorce and trashing me in press was easier than he was on our first date.

EDGE: Where you elated with Friday's ruling?

Jason Dottley: Of course! And I was the MC of the first official Mississippi Gay Pride.

EDGE: With the marriage ruling, what advice would you give a couple wanting to get married?

Jason Dottley: Just love. Just simply love.

EDGE: Was turning 30 a big deal for you?

Jason Dottley: I didn't even notice. Or care. Life is about living. If you live, you age. So complaining about aging is complaining about living. I WANT TO LIVE.

EDGE: Madonna is a big inspiration for you - why is that?

Jason Dottley: Well besides the fact that we date men of the same age... we both don't get a flying fuck. Bitch, I'm Madonna!

EDGE: What was it like working with Rue McClanahan?

Jason Dottley: Let's just say that I have never been able to watch the "Golden Girls" the same again, all for the most amazing reasons.

EDGE: You've had a number of Billboard hits - but do you feel being a music artist today is more difficult than in the past?

Jason Dottley: Ask me again after my next album of duets with Tony Bennett.

EDGE: What do you enjoy more - acting or singing, or a combination of the two?

Jason Dottley: I'm a show boy. I just love to perform!

EDGE: You came out in the 11th grade in Mississippi and have said that you were so gay that you were able to ignore being bullied. Is being really 'out' the best revenge on bullies and homophobes?

Jason Dottley: Well the BEST revenge would be to turn them into a bottom.

EDGE: What's been your most embarrassing moment?

Jason Dottley: When the picture of my cock leaked from the text I sent a guy in NYC, I was horrified. People accused me of doing it myself. No one wants a call from his mother asking, 'Why is your dick all over the internet?' No one.

EDGE: And the one you are most proud of?

Jason Dottley: Having 3 Top 25 Billboard records, spending 44 weeks on Billboards charts and being on the Out 100 list.

EDGE: Are you presently dating?

Jason Dottley: You will have to come see my show to find out how my dating life has been!

EDGE: Working as much as you do, do you have much a private life?

Jason Dottley: I'm so private I made Siri do this entire interview for me.

But if you come to my show, I'll tell you things from my private life I really shouldn't be telling anyone.

Life on the gAy-List - a one-man show, starring Jason Dottley
Thursday, July 2 | 8 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. | General and VIP Seating - $20, $25. At Club Café, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA. For more information about this event go to the Club Café website.

Upcoming dates are:
7/24/15 - New Orleans, LA at the Allways Theatre & Lounge - 10 p.m.
8/22/15 - Dallas, TX in the Rose Room at S4 - 8 p.m.
10/3/15 - Panama City, FL at the Martin Theatre - 8 p.m.

For more details about the show and tour, Life on the gAy-List website.

Watch Jason Dottley's video of "Crazy For You":


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