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The Hunt For Red October - 30th Anniversary Edition

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Feb 25, 2020
The Hunt For Red October - 30th Anniversary Edition

The classic hit thriller resurfaces!

The world is a completely different place now; or is it? In the release of "The Hunt For Red October - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition," world peace hangs in the balance, and there is only one man, a CIA analyst, that can deliver us from a doomsday-level threat. Starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery, and based on the best-selling novels from Tom Clancy, this adaptation - directed by John McTiernan - paved the way for the "Jack Ryan" film franchise that endures today.

In the deepest depths of the ocean, in the midst of the dangerously volatile cold war between the U.S. and Russia, a super-powered and state-of-art Russian nuclear submarine is carrying a weapon of mass destruction. Its captain (Sean Connery) and his crew of senior officers are caught between a rock and hard place: They don't want to instigate a war between the world's superpowers, but they understand that unless they turn the new technology over to the U.S., the arms race is lost and a clear victor will be nowhere in sight.

Enlisting the strategic expertise of CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin), the crew of the USS Dallas must converge on the Russian sub (code-named "Red October"), collect the defectors, and convince their adversary that the battle is over. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with the plan, and millions of lives will be lost if the "Red October" is allowed to complete its mission. Released in 1990 to much praise, the film was a critical hit and initialized the "Jack Ryan" film franchise which was inherited by Harrison Ford in two follow-up films.

The film is distinct from its successors in that it benefits from the claustrophobic sensation of being trapped inside a submarine in the depths of the ocean. The all-star casts delivers and ups the tension with their indelible performances, although Connery and Sam Neill aren't entirely convincing as Russian service agents, and Baldwin doesn't capture the awkwardly bookish nerd that makes Jack Ryan a distinct character — he really isn't that believable as an "action star" — though he's very easy on the eyes. The franchise got better as the decades drew on.

The 4K Ultra HD presentation has vibrant detail and rich color, preserving this film for another 30 years. The 4K disc includes the director's commentary, and the bundled Blu-ray disc includes a special making-of feature, "Beneath the Surface." The collectible Limited Edition steelbook packaging makes this a handsome addition to any film collection and is a must for the "Jack Ryan" film enthusiast. The franchise continues to endure, and many Hollywood heavyweights have taken on the role, but this is the one that started it all.

"The Hunt for Red October - 30th Anniversary Edition"
4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital,

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