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Deadly Manor

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Feb 25, 2020
Deadly Manor

The slasher movie phase was dead on arrival by 1990, but that didn't stop B-movie director Jose Larraz from making his third and final horror film that year. "Deadly Manor" evokes thoughts of haunted houses and spooky shenanigans with its title, but Arrow Video's latest Blu-ray takes its cues from "Friday the 13th" instead. A new 2K restoration makes "Deadly Manor" look like a current film, while clearly showcasing its low-budget attributes.

A masked killer, an array of victims, and lots of bloodshed are what make up the typical slasher film. And that's exactly what you'll get in "Deadly Manor." Originally released on VHS in the U.S. with the sexy and confusing title of "Savage Lust," the story follows a group of horny teenagers en route to a lake for a weekend of camping and carnage. But before you can say "Friday the 13th," the hooligans end up at a deserted mansion after - yes you guessed it - their car breaks down.

Almost an hour goes by before anything really happens in "Deadly Manor," including elongated scenes of insipid dialogue and situations where characters naturally split up to go off on their own. There are also hints of the supernatural, yet none of this gets explored or expanded on.

Instead, "Deadly Manor" becomes a routine slasher featuring generic murder sequences and an ending that reverses the "Friday the 13th" villain gender roles. It definitely epitomizes the horror movies from the 1980s, even if it came out a little too late.

On this Arrow Video Blu-ray, you'll find many extras to view. Director Jose Larraz recalls his time spent filming the movie in "Making a Killing" (an archival interview). The original "Savage Lust" trailer gets included also, and focuses on the scant sex scenes of the film.

"House of Whacks" has B-movie actress Jennifer Delora dishing on the many tidbits of "Deadly Manor," recalling that she and one of the male actors didn't get along very well, especially in their mostly nude sex scene together.

The one drawback in the special features section is the exclusion of many of the main actors, many of whom only acted sporadically since "Deadly Manor".

"Deadly Manor"

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