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Brooke Shields comes to the cabaret

by Kevin Scott Hall
Wednesday Feb 2, 2011

Brooke Shields has been famous for about as long as she’s been alive. Starting with an Ivory Soap commercial at the age of eleven months, Shields went on to a highly successful career in modeling, at fourteen the youngest to ever appear on the cover of Vogue and a year later making her mark in the still-famous Calvin Klein commercial with its tagline: "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."
Around the same time, she was starring in high-profile movies, including the controversial Pretty Baby at age twelve, and, as a teenager, The Blue Lagoon and Endless Love.
As an adult, Shields went on to appear in several more films, both theatrical and made-for-television, and appeared in several television series, including Friends, That ’70s Show, Nip/Tuck and Hannah Montana. From 1996-2000, she starred in Suddenly Susan, which brought her a Golden Globe nomination.
The actress also starred in Broadway revivals of Grease, Cabaret, and Wonderful Town.
Now married with two young daughters, Shields embarks on yet another adventure: her first nightclub act, bowing at Feinstein’s for two weeks beginning February 1st. Charlie Alterman from Next to Normal will be her musical director.
EDGE recently spoke with the icon-born, bred, and still living in New York-by phone about this new endeavor and other matters.

A New Yorker

EDGE:  You and I are about the same age-
Brooke Shields: Twenty-eight?
EDGE: [Laughs] Uh, twenty-nine, actually. I feel as if I’ve grown up with you but I had no idea you were such a New Yorker. What does New York life offer that is different from, say, Los Angeles?
Brooke Shields: There isn’t any comparison. For me, LA has always been purely work-generated. Manhattan is its own entity, there’s an innate respect for it. If you are born and raised here, you find it not only one of the most cosmopolitan and versatile cities in the world, but it’s also a very warm city. This city offers anything you want. It’s a home; all you have to do is love it and embrace it.
EDGE: I have dubbed you the Princess of All Media. You have done it all: modeling, movies, television, stage, books. It makes sense to me that you now want to try nightclubs. I think it’s a difficult medium because there is no hiding. It’s very up close and personal. What are the challenges and highlights you are expecting from this new adventure?
Brooke Shields: You could not have said it better. It is one of the most difficult mediums. It’s the most terrifying thing imaginable.
But I’ve been very lucky. When the waters are cool in one area, like television, other things have opened up. In this case, I did Leap of Faith [Shields originated the role of Marva in the Los Angeles tryout] all last summer and while its move to Broadway has been postponed, I wanted to stay in shape and in a routine. I’ve been asked to perform at Feinstein’s before, but this time I felt that the universe was telling me I couldn’t say no. I’m terrified, but this is a gift.
Even being in a stage show is not the same as this kind of pressure.  I knew it was going to be daunting, but I’m not letting fear get in the way. I’m very motivated by hard work.


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