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Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis :: ’I’m an asshole’

by Jim Halterman
Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

While the economy’s downturn helped morph Jeff Lewis’s business from house flipping to home design, the dry-witted and sardonic Lewis continues to headline Bravo hit series "Flipping Out", now in its fifth season. In past years the series focused more on Lewis’s professional life than personal, this new season opens things up a bit more now that Lewis is dating one of his employees.

What else is to come on the new "Flipping Out" season? Will Jeff’s loyal, rappin’ assistant Jenni Pulos find love? How many people are going to get fired (and, yes, people are getting canned this season)? And what has the self-proclaimed asshole learned from watching himself on television? EDGE’s Jim Halterman jumped on a press call with the fabulous bantering stylings of Lewis and Pulos to find out all the "Flipping Out" scoop.

A workplace dramedy

EDGE: Every year when I do these calls I always ask Jeff when we’re going to see some romance. Now you guys are giving me everything I’ve ever asked for!

Jeff Lewis: Yes, but you’re not going to see sex scenes. I mean, let me just tell you that right now. That’s where I draw the line.

EDGE: Was that in your contract, Jeff?

Jeff Lewis: I view this as kind of a workplace dramedy, you know, most of the action happens between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. That’s when we film and I’m not comfortable with, you know, diving too deep in my personal life; but I didn’t even want go there with the show.

But Gage, my partner works with me and there was really no way we could film around him because he’s such a big part of this business now. So it was either give up the show or open this part of my life up. I didn’t really want to lie and say this person is an employee but we’re not dating. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that either.

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