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John Cameron Mitchell Headed to 'Hedwig' on B'way

By Mark Kennedy | Nov 21
John Cameron Mitchell, the writer and original star of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," is returning to her miniskirt, wigs and high heels.

How Does a Hunchback Dance? Ask Chase Brock

By Brian Scott Lipton | Nov 20
Chase Brock, the 32-year-old choreographic wunderkind has reached his own personal nirvana, as choreographer of Disney's new stage musical "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

Ruby Wax :: Finding a Sane New World

By Robert Nesti | Nov 18
Performer & writer Ruby Wax wanted to know how the mind worked. To do so she pursued a Masters degree at Oxford University; now she's brought what's she learned in a new book and show in Cambridge this week.


Theatre Reviews

Ruby Wax: Sane New World

By Kilian Melloy | Nov 21
Ruby Wax has a message: Everything we're doing (and thinking) has enormous effects on mental and physical health. Pulling no punches, the comedian laces her show with as much science as humor. The show is a natural for Cambridge.

The Old Man and the Old Moon

By Clinton Campbell | Nov 21
There is something quite special happening this weekend at Emerson's Paramount Theater: PigPen Theater Company has arrived to share their fairy tale "The Old Man and the Old Moon."

Two by Stoppard :: "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" & "The Real Thing"

By Clinton Campbell | Nov 20
Boston area theaters can catch two Tom Stoppard plays through this weekend.