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Harvard Develops a New 'Bat Boy'

By EDGE | Oct 30
The Office for the Arts at Harvard announces that its upcoming undergraduate production of the cult hit "Bat Boy: The Musical" will debut new scenes and songs by the show's original writers.


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Bad Jews

By Robert Nesti | Oct 29
"Bad Jews" is a bracing, pertinent comedy of ill-manners that may be the funniest play of the season.

Language of Angels

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 27
It falls to Happy Medium Theater to present the final production at the Piano Factory Theater: An existential mystery and ghost story that chills, provokes, and haunts the viewer. Enter at your own risk.

Dear Elizabeth

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 27
This is a two-hander that feels like it's almost over-populated, so rich are the characterizations. This play may be one of Ruhl's finest works; the Lyric's production certainly brings out the best in it.


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