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How Pets Transmit Diseases to Humans

Apr 22
Americans own more than 150 million pets, but new research from a team led by the Ohio State University shows the importance of choosing the right ones to bring home, based on your family's health and age.

Toddlers Swipe and Scroll Before Learning to Walk

HEALTH | May 4
A new study found that by age 2, more than a third of children have spent at least an hour a day on digital devices. Author and pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana discusses her new book and whether the "device generation" is cause for concern.

The Failing Stigma and Treatment of Mental Illness

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 1
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and P.D. Alleva shares his thoughts on the stigma that keeps mental illness untreated and avoided.

Health Headlines: Breastfeeding Affects Mothers' Cancer Risk

HEALTH | Apr 30
New research finds another benefit of breastfeeding, and this one isn't for the baby, it's for the mom. Eboni Williams has the day's top health stories.

European Court: Bans on Gay Men Blood Donors Sometimes OK

HIV/AIDS | Apr 29
The European Court of Justice ruled Wednesday that EU governments may ban gay men from ever donating blood, but only under strict conditions.

Immunization Week Raises Vaccination & HPV Awareness

HEALTH | By EDGE | Apr 29
The World Health Organization's World Immunization Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination to people of all ages and increase rates of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases around the world.

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Pressure Grows to End Blanket Bans on Gay Men Blood Donors

HIV/AIDS | Apr 29
The European Union's top court on Wednesday joined a growing chorus of voices questioning whether it still makes sense to forever bar all gay men from donating blood.


Dramatic Spike in Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

Public health officials are struggling to respond to a surge in overdoses from a designer drug known as "Spice." The man-made alternative to pot is sold online or in convenience stores. Jericka Duncan reports.


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