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"Groove is in the hearrrrrrrt. GROOVE is in the heart!"

You could not have been a club kid of the early 90s and not have heard "Groove Is In the Heart" by Deee-Lite playing through your favorite dance club’s sound system. The groove was definitely heartfelt as much for the soulful and fun vocals of lead singer, Lady Miss Kier, as it was for the beats and rhythms that acted as the chariot under her melodies.

Lady Miss Kier with Deee-Lite brought us the feel-good, carry-over vibe from the disco era with an added funk and house beat to bring us a uniqueness and freshness that gave that generation something to call its own, a new identity not yet introduced until then. Lady Miss Kier also brought us the fashion and style that, with its colorful 60s retro inspiration and unique punk couture, was a nice accompaniment with the new groove.

Though born Kier Kirby, Lady Miss Kier embraced and adopted her bigger than life stage persona and her uniqueness, just as the misfits of the club scene world embraced her as someone they could identify with and live through. 1990 may have been the beginning, but as her sure to bet energetic performance at this year’s San Francisco Pride festivities on the House Music Dance Stage (presented by promoter Hawthorne) June 24 will prove, we are far from playing the last groove of this club diva.


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