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A Mouth is a Mouth is a Mouth

By Anthony Paull | Oct 30

Straight boy Aiden is very honest about what he can offer: He says the key to his gift is making the woman aware that she can do better than him. So how will he fare when he decides to try on gay for size?

Anthony Paull is a syndicated columnist, author and filmmaker from Sarasota, Florida. Visit anthonypaull.com for more info.

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I need to stop going to parties where people think Heineken is high-end beer. That’s how I met a 30-year-old ginger named Ron who’s confused about his sexuality. I know. I don’t have enough to deal with.

You Like Me. You Really Like Me.

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Can someone tell me the name of the guy my friend Pete is dating? I want to find him on Facebook, but Pete won’t give me any leads. He thinks I’ll go blabbing about it in my column. He’s like, "I don’t want the country knowing what I put in my butt."

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Can someone tell me what happened to Facebook? I remember when my friends would get drunk and post unflattering pictures. Now everyone is mature and talking about babies and crockpots and anti-aging creams and going to bed early on school nights.

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"We need to stop at the Sugar Shop," I tell Greg. Meeting in Vegas for the weekend we’re ready for a night of dancing and debauchery when he reveals that he’s been having a hard time nailing his hotel roommate.

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I once had a prominent politician say I was more of a publicity whore than a journalist. I was insulted, taking offense at the superfluous word ’publicity’ until I found myself drunk scribbling ’Anthony Paull gives good head’ on the bathroom wall.

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By Anthony Paull | Nov 7
I’m an awful friend because I’m not in support of Doug and his less-than-sexy fling with a doctor even though it’s not technically a fling.