Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz on ’jean jams,’ ’boob jobs’ & ’Bad Teacher’

by Jim Halterman
Thursday Jun 23, 2011

He’s already brought "Sexy Back" and won an Emmy for his "Saturday Night Live" music video "Dick In A Box," so what’s the next catch phrase from Justin Timberlake that could be sweeping the nation once his latest film "Bad Teacher" hits theaters this weekend?

"I gotta say there’s nothing wrong with a good ’jean jam’," said Timberlake at the recent Los Angeles press junket for the film, which stars Timberlake’s ex-, Cameron Diaz, as an underachieving teacher whose only goal is to win a teacher’s bonus so she can get a boob job.

What exactly is a ’jean jam’? It comes from a scene in the film where goodie two-shoes Timberlake and the horny Diaz dry-hump with their jeans on in a hotel room when the pair - both schoolteachers - are chaperoning a student trip. Timberlake takes credit for having "created the only dry humping scene in the movies," the result of which is the conspicuous wet spot on his jeans when they finish.

"We felt that we had a responsibility," he explained straight-faced, "and that was to young people who are going to buy tickets to ’Transformers,’ but go see this [R-rated] movie because they’re underaged... It’s really a public service announcement for safe sex."

"That’s pretty much the only message that is in the movie that we’re proud of," Diaz added, laughing. "Other than that, there’s nothing else." But, she added she didn’t think they should make a movie with no redeeming social values. "If we’re going to try to be role models in any way we should at least have a ’jean jam’."

Her goal - bigger tits

In the film Diaz plays Elizabeth, a disengaged teacher with a single goal: to raise $10,000 for a boob job that she hopes will land her a wealthy sugar daddy. While Diaz understands Elizabeth’s needs, she personally hasn’t thought this solution as a viable one.

"Obviously," explained the blonde actress, "if I thought if I could get somewhere with having bigger boobies I would’ve done it by now; but for Elizabeth, it’s everything. It’s called hard economic times. Have you ever heard of this? You can’t find a millionaire like you could three or four years ago before the crash. It takes a lot of work now."

Nor is Diaz’s Elizabeth lazy about getting her enhanced rack - she washes cars, returns cans and sells used clothes for her ’new tits’ fund; but her pursuit begins in earnest when she hears of a nice financial reward to the teacher whose class gets the highest scores on the state exams. "She’s working hard for those. She knows to get what you want you have to have a goal, and her goal is to get bigger tits."

Diaz also made a point of saying that the movie is not judging those who seek out sugar daddies in this way; instead screenwriters Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky find the humor in the situation. "The thing about it is," she said, "[Elizabeth] really believes this is the right thing to do... so it was really fun to make fun of [that]. Especially living in this town (Hollywood), we all know what it’s like to come up against people who have their priorities a little screwed up and focus on the wrong things."

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