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Gay 4 Pay: Gay Obsession with Straight Guys in Porn

by Dylan Fox
Friday Dec 14, 2007

Straight = Big Bucks

It’s a phrase gay men use to describe themselves or to express an attribute that they seek in others. But what exactly does it mean? For some, the interest in straight guys is just to find someone who isn’t overtly flamboyant.

But for others, like Randy Blue, Sean Cody, Mike Hancock and Corbin Fisher, gay man’s obsession with straight guys has created a booming Internet business that is raking in the cash.

Over the past few years, as adult entertainment has moved away from high concept DVD releases and become more popular on the web, a new breed of online entertainment has sprung up, which promotes straight men performing for a gay audience. The sites don’t make any apologies for using the straight boy-next-door types in their advertisements.

In fact, "straightness" is often used as a selling point.

As one of the most popular adult sites for gay entertainment, Corbin Fisher’s boasts "amateur college sex featuring the most gorgeous young men." The site explains that most of the models are "straight boys showing off their finest assets and earning an education in college sex!"

While the guys have beautifully chiseled bodies, boyish good looks and are often featured in sports type scenarios, some of their activities in these videos would hardly be considered straight. Oral and anal sex between two men is the very definition of homosexuality, yet the appeal of the site is that it is capturing straight guys in homosexual situations.

While many would argue that boys willing to go all the way with another man could not be straight, others attest that they have no interest in the same sex: It’s the cash that talks.


  • David J Perez, 2007-12-18 00:37:25

    IMHO, however a man identifies himself is his business. as long as he can do his job of entertaining us viewers without denigrating his audience, does it really matter what (or I should say, who) he ’does’ when the cameras are not rolling? I don’t expect to see Julia Roberts walking a real-life "Hoe’s Stroll," simply because she portrayed one in "Pretty Woman." Porn and the sex Industries are about Entertainment, folks! as long as they can satisfy their audiences and be graciously appreciative of the "Hands that Stuff their G-strings",what does their ’real’ orientation matter?

    As a matter of fact, I’d posit that the so-identified ’Straight Man’ that ’works Gay’ is ’Queerer’ than any Gay Man actually inclined to sex it up with men, and a de facto part of Gay Community. Just a Thought....

    Peace, Pleasure, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

    D. J. Perez

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