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Good evening America, meet Drew Droege (aka Chloë Sevigny)

by Joseph Erbentraut
Wednesday Jun 1, 2011

Though the name Drew Droege may not immediately jog your memory, the name of the character this accomplished comedian is best known for portraying in a series of wildly popular YouTube videos certainly would.

"Good evening America, I’m Chloë Sevigny," Droege says, dead-pan directly into the camera at the start of each of his videos. "It’s recently come to my attention that I love..."

In one video, lauded actress and fashionista "Sevigny"s interest-du-jour is Htoast (pronounced "toe-IST") made from Hawaiian sweet bread. In another, perhaps Droege’s best-known sketch, it’s birthdays ("birth-deez"), where the Los Angeles-based comic rattles off a list of the gifts received including imitation pants by Cacharel, stand-up comedy classes and "permission to never speak to Jeanne Tripplehorn ever again."

The videos have gone viral, caught the attention of Sevigny herself and caused quite stir for Droege, an alum and current teacher at the same Groundlings program that trained the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, Will Ferrell and "Bridesmaids" break-out sensation Kristen Wiig. Droege was also recognized last year with the Outfest Award for Emerging Talent and previously voiced the part of Feathers in the animated "Planet Unicorn" web series.

Taking a break from his busy schedule, which includes some exciting upcoming film work and churning out more perpetually hip Chloë sketches, Droege recently spoke with EDGE.

Working with Chloë?

EDGE: Hello Drew! Tell me how you got into comedy in the first place.

Drew Droege: I studied acting in college and was a theater major so I really got into comedy because I wanted to do drama and be a legitimate, sincere actor so badly but always got a bunch of laughs. I realized I should probably do comedy instead. I never really did stand-up comedy per se until I moved to Los Angeles and worked with the Groundlings and went through their program. I ended up loving it and realized I really wanted to do it and now I teach it too.

EDGE: I have to say I just watched a video interview with Chloë Sevigny herself who mentioned you and the impression you do of her. What was it like for you to watch and hear about that? Will you take her up on her suggestion that you two might do something together?

DD: I would love to work with her because I think she’s awesome. It’s been the craziest thing because it started as something I did for the sketch comedy show with friends. I never thought it would go to the level of videos she was going to see. Since I’ve done her for years, it’s not even really her anymore -- it’s become an original character I’m doing, so it’s strange and insane having her watch it. I only could watch it once because it was uncomfortable.

It must be weird for her to watch some guy play her because it’s such a bizarre choice. If you’re Obama, of course a million people are going to parody you because you’re the President, but for her, an actress on TV, I’m sure she’s just like, "Why is this guy doing this?" I can instantly understand why she may not be able to sit through my videos.

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