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Boy Culture

by Howie Green
Tuesday Aug 14, 2007
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It’s ironic that there are now so many gay movies out there playing in theaters and available on DVD that one tends to overlook some of them. I have purposely watched probably 25-30 recent vintage gay themed films in the last year just to be familiar with this emerging genre. For the most part, they are forgettable - especially American-made indy films. Gay themed films from Europe and other foreign ports of call still contain an element of danger and outlaw attitudes to make them more interesting to watch. In the U.S. film industry where gay characters and themes are totally mainstream (even Blockbuster is now carrying gay movies) it seems like any gay hack, with a camera and a couple of queer actor friends, is making a movie that somehow gets released.

So it is with great pleasure that I would like to draw your attention to a terrific small indy gay film called Boy Culture now available on DVD; it’s well worth watching. First of all the cast consists of three major hotties all of whom are very funny and very believable. They create such likeable and memorable characters that I ended up watching this movie several times. Even in the extra feature interviews they never reveal if the actors are actually gay or not, so you’ll have make up your own mind. I usually steer clear of gay movie in which the gay roles are played by straight guys but in this one I couldn’t tell who is and who isn’t and I decided I did’t really care. They are hot, funny and fabulous and they are joined by the amazing Patrick Bauchau (Carnivale) who ads his usual creepy and compelling presence to the movie. For my money Bauchau has the best speaking voice of any actor since Orson Welles.

The film is told for the point of view of X (Derek Magyar), a young male hooker who is unable to allow himself to fall in love. He has two roommates, a young crazy boy played adorably by Jonathan Trent and a humpy Black guy played by Darryl Stephens (from Noah’s Arc). The unlikely threesome form their own peculiar family unit and all three are quietly in love with each other but afraid of messing up their friendships if they act on their feelings. Obviously this situation can’t endure very long and the story follows the boys as they navigate the twists and turns of modern gay life and their own emotional mind fields. You’ll have to watch the film to see who ends up in which bed... or beds.

The DVD comes with extensive interviews with the cast and director/writer Q. Allan Brocka. There are also some home movies of the film’s American debut event at the Tribeca Film Festival along with a couple useless deleted scenes and a mildly interesting audio commentary track by the producer and director. After watching the film you’ll want to watch the interviews which are fun and revealing but the main attraction here is the movie itself. Boy Culture is one of the best gay themed movies I’ve seen a very long time. You should add it to

- Audio commentary track
- Interviews with cast
- Home movies of film’s preview at Tribeca Film Festival
- Deleted scenes

Howie Green is a Boston-based artist and painter whose portrait of rapper Biggie Smalls appears on the album "Incredible". He is winner of Absolut Vodka’s 25th Anniversary art competition and he painted 3 of the cows in the Boston Cow Parade. He recently painted a series of Pop Art Murals at the Dimock Center in Boston, MA and completed large art and mural installations in Delray Beach and Jacksonville, FL. He also recently painted the front entrance to Boston City Hall. His a multi-media designer and author of several books including "Jazz Fish Zen: Adventures in Mamboland" - and he once sang back-up for the opening act at a Shaun Cassidy concert in Madison Square Garden.


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