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David Bromstad takes ’Color Splash’ to Miami

by Jim Halterman
Saturday Jun 12, 2010

The first thing you might notice when you see interior designer David Bromstad on television is that he happens to be very easy on the eyes and that includes his often shirtless, tattooed torso. However, Bromstad established early on that he is much more than a gym bunny and first showed his amazing design skills when he won HGTV’s first season of its competition series Design Star in 2006.

The following year (as part of the Design Star grand prize) Bromstad premiered his own series, Color Splash, which was set in San Francisco and became a hit for the design network. With the new Color Splash season that begins this weekend on HGTV, Bromstad, his crew and the cameras venture cross-country and move the show to Florida with Color Splash Miami.

EDGE’s Jim Halterman talked to Bromstad earlier this week about the move, the importance of listening to your gut, what part of his personal life is off limits to the press and his thoughts on when gay marriage will no longer be an issue.

Miami :: edgy and sexy

EDGE: Besides the obvious geography, what are the differences in Color Splash moving from San Francisco to Miami?

David Bromstad: We were in San Francisco, which was a beautiful city and very quaint and lovely, but Miami is edgy and sexy. I have a whole new team and I’m really concentrating a lot on personality and design and we’re really taking it to the next level. The makeovers are bigger, the colors are more crazy and it’s just a shift to a really fun show.

EDGE: Visually I know Miami clearly has its own sense of style but how does that lend itself to a designer?

DB: Miami is itself South American-influenced and it’s very international in a very different way than San Francisco. In San Francisco, everyone is traditionally contemporary but in Miami everyone is modern chic and very eclectic at the same time. People are very aware of style because we’re surrounding by amazing hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and new architecture. Since we’re surrounded by so much design, people know what they do like and what they don’t like.

EDGE: You grew up in Minnesota, what was it like when you first ventured to Miami? They’re very different places.

DB: I went to school in Sarasota, Florida, which is on the West Coast of Florida and then I went and moved to Orlando and worked at Disney Universal for nine years [as an animator] and in those nine years I was down in Miami several times and I always wanted to move down there. You have to be really strong to live [in Miami]. It’s a party city so it’s easy to get caught up in that. When I first moved down here and made that decision I was ready for the diverse culture and ready for all the designers and artists and all the great architecture so there was no shock to me.


  • Anonymous, 2010-06-13 23:31:28

    Thank you HGTV for bring David back into our homes. Just wish you would make it earlier in the evening. Put him into a slot of Holmes on Homes. We like Holmes also but have seen repeats enough. Love you David. Thank you HGTV

  • J R Hamilton, 2010-06-14 21:25:24

    He is a great example of a Gay Man.

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-23 01:20:42

    Thanks David for always dimonstrating a fresh and smiling face on the screen. I have to also say it is sad HGTV has you and your new show airing late on Sunday evening. You have proven to be a consistent face on the network and obviously were a good investment for them. Seems ratings would remain high if you were more in a prinetime spot.

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-23 01:22:02

    If you are ever in Texas, lunch is on me!!

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-23 20:16:39

    Your new assistants leave much to be desired. The short, fat one needs to learn how to dress weight-appropriate. Were Danielle and Ian even offered the chance to go with you? She puts those two women to shame. The interaction between you and Ian was so much better than it is with your new assistant. I enjoyed the old show, but I don’t care at all for the new one..especially that short, fat one..did I mention her? :)

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-24 15:49:41

    I miss seeing Danielle and Ian. they should have come with you. Love your smiling face and I would love to have a painting by you. There is no better decorator

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-28 05:10:57

    The show was SO MUCH BETTER back in San francisco! That city was sooo beautiful and ornately unique. The people seemed more outgoing and nicer too. AND-- the crew has been split up! --BAD MOVE, HGTV. :( I love David, and love the ENTIRE SF crew. I have seen a few Miami episodes so far, and I am not interested in watching anymore in Miami.

  • Anonymous, 2010-06-28 09:45:43

    I think you made a mistake not taking Danielle and Ian with you. They were the other half of your personality. Plus, your now assistants have no where the talent that Ian and Danielle have. Still love watching you.

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-02 16:52:54

    David, I still miss your old crew so much! Your new one’s don’t come close. especially the quiet carpenter. Ian and Danielle and the fabric gal, I sure miss them. Miami is ok but you need your old gang! The 4 of you made a great caste

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-04 10:00:19

    Colorsplash Miami is absolutely horrible. I LOVE David but I can barely get through an episode. The show is all drama now and your new crew seems completely useless. What do they do other than complain? Ian, Danielle & Claire were a huuuuge reason why Colorsplash was such a success. I would really like to know if it was David’s or HGTV’s choice to replace them with these people that seem to have no knowledge whatsoever. This show doesn’t show you how to do anything, the other one was great for that.

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-09 15:07:07

    David with this new show u are just another sparkle josh, just a shopper, with ian and dannalle you were a carpenter painter and designer, I like your new traine, but come on there is no chemistry

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-09 18:37:36

    Well, another viewer lost! The show isn’t the same without Danielle and Ian. This show isn’t going to last as long as the original one because it’s just horrible.

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-10 14:12:47

    I still love David but the magic is gone. The spirit of Danielle and Ian so overshadows the new crew zero personality and talent... Now it will be easy to miss a show. bonnie

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-22 15:50:11

    My husband and I miss Danielle and Ian ,Claire too. The show in Miami just isn’t the same without the old team. Won’t be watching anymore.

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-24 13:22:23

    Last night the show featured purple and orange and a gaudy mix of jars and glass that he threw in a shopping cart and then placed all over the place. The is the one episode where the stones never showed up for the wall. I could not believe my eyes at how horrible this room looked. It looked like a joke. I actually felt embaressed for the home owners. I swear I could see the look of disappointment on their faces. I liked David’s show when based in San Francisco. It’s been bad enough with Design Star sinking so low...but now David’s show. What on earth is happening to HGTV?

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-26 18:37:27

    I have followed David, Danielle and Ian (as well as Claire)through the entire process and have loved every minute of this very special HGTV show. I even watch the reruns. I’m trying to stay loyal to David because I think he is a very special person. However, I have to tell you David- it iws just not the same. Your new crew is so bad there are no words for it. I’m not going to rag on them I just want you to know you can’t seem to do the work you did with your old crew. It really breaks my heart to see you (stuck) with these people. I don’t know if it was your choice or HGTV’s choice - it’s not the same quality show - you don’t have the same time to do the wonderful things we did on the original show. The flow and love isn’t there. You are the most talented person on HGTV and I hate to see this happening to you. Please take charge and change things before it is too late. My love to you and your family,

  • Anonymous, 2010-07-27 16:59:46

    We miss Danielle and Ian. David you have so much talent but you have lost us. We can not relate to this show.

  • Anonymous, 2010-08-06 19:40:54

    It’s just not the same without Danielle and Ian. There’s no personality in the show anymore. The Miami show I feel is not about David’s talent at all. Every episode I’ve seen so far has the homeowners going to their favorite hotels and recreating them for their home makeover. That got old quick so I’m through watching the Miami show......now I’m reduced to recording the SF shows before they disappear.

  • Anonymous, 2010-08-07 20:46:41

    Yes, It’s just not the same without Danielle and Ian and of course Claire. There’s no personality in the show anymore. I loved the show from San Francisco with that crew they all had flair with each other and they were all comical at times. Ian had a following since he is very hot and sexy and the girls had it going as well. As per the homeowners that were receiving the makeovers as per all the other comments they were all true and real folks. On Color Splash Miami it feels cold on all levels as the other comments state. The Miami crew have no personality what so ever and David seems to be struggling with them as well. David needs to bring his old crew back they were the best and it was great the Miami show is loosing a lot of viewers. The show seems to be drawn only in the Miami Beach area these homeowners don’t feel real thay seem to be a bit plastic. I mean South Florida has two other counties as for Broward and Palm Beach as well as the Florida Keys which I think can also benefit and reap the pleasures as well as the west coast of south Florida. Getting back to Miami you several other cities like Coral Cables, Kendall, Miami and and then up the coast too. I hope that the producers are also seeing these comments from the public after all we are the ones who enjoy these types of shows and get inspired with all the idea’s that come from the show. Please David bring back your old crew You did very well with them I vice versa. I miss them greatly as well. So Ian, Danielle, Claire and crew your missed and we love each and very one of you, Kind Regards, Always. RJB From Hollywood, FL

  • Anonymous, 2010-08-14 22:36:43

    I don’t like the new show at all. The old team needs to be with David on his HGTV show. It was a team effort that made the show run so well, now there is no team. Sorry David. WCR..Gulfport, Ms.

  • Anonymous, 2010-08-20 21:42:01

    I went online just to find a place to vent. I also do not like the new team. There is no interaction at all. I miss Danielle and Ian and Claire! Bring them back!!

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-05 23:21:31

    You cannot find a larger David fan than I and I have now watched four of the Miami shows and I am so disappointed that I don’t think I can watch anymore. I read all the comments above and am relieved to see that I am not alone. The new show is terrible in comparison with the SF show, I miss Ian and Claire, and the overall great feel of the SF show is GONE! David is so talented and I am reading that he wants a show with more flair, but this new cast and the overall feel of this new show is actually DULL, the opposite of what he is trying to achieve. I plan to record the SF shows and re-watch them over watching the Miami show. Seriously, how disappointing. David is so mulit-talented and impressive.

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-09 17:33:53

    I am so disappointed in Color Splash the move to Miami. The crew are BAD. I don’t like Gina at all. David just seems to be a pretty face on the show but not really designing anything. SAD!

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-11 13:04:40

    I was a Bromstead fan the first night of the competition. I did not miss an episode of Colorsplash but I’ve totally lost interest in Colorsplash Miami. David does not come across as genuine on the Maimi show. The show really lacks the warmth, quality and character of the original program. Claire, Danielle and Ian where such a intregal part of the show and, without them, it is just a lot of glitz and giggles. Don’t get too cocky, David. You talents are spectacular but the show is not just about you. You need a good supporting cast and, right now, you don’t have it.

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-16 16:28:01

    Sorry David but I agree also. Your show in SF was better. I do not relate to the types of rooms that are bing creating (wachier) and do not appreicate the friction that goes on in the show. I loved your laid back style and great chemisty on the old show. I also miss the old crew. I can not get myself into the new staff unfortunately.

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-18 22:36:11

    I love David Bromstad and always looked forward to watching Color Splash. I have really tried to give Color Splash Miami a chance, but I really don’t like it! Danielle, Ian, and Claire added so much to the show and seemed a perfect team for David. The new team on Color Splash Miami just don’t have the same charisma the original team had. They are so boring. I don’t even enjoy watching anymore. Most of us don’t watch HGTV for the glitz and glitter. We want ideas for what we can do in our homes. I think David made a very big mistake

  • Anonymous, 2010-09-25 18:01:03

    colorsplash miami stinks. Ian,Danielle, and Claire were key to the show. David’s new associates are really terrible and so are his designs. Bring back the old crew.I don’t even watch "miami" anymore. It is soooooo disappointing! It can’t last. David has lost his edge!

  • Anonymous, 2011-01-07 15:52:42

    I have seen a few of the shows from Florida and have liked most of what I have seen but I do have to agree that the S.F.team worked very well with David. I guess it’s hard on all of us to see the old team go and a new one take their place. It certainly is not the same but then again that’s what change is all about. I’m sure I will see more of David’s shows but the schedule is late and I forget or miss a lot of them. Why couldn’t HGTV at least put the Miami show on during the same time period or at least earlier? I think a lot of HGTV programing is going down hill and very repetative. Time to Update their programing and give David back his good time slot! Love you David....you can come to my house anytime!! Carol from Ohio

  • Anonymous, 2011-02-11 09:04:13

    Please bring back your old crew. Danielle was a very talented and adorable women. The new crew follows David around looking really stupid. They have no talent what so ever....

  • Anonymous, 2011-02-12 21:47:01

    The Miami location suits my taste just fine-maybe that’s because I’m a SW Florida home owner hoping ColorSplash will venture out to our beautiful Gulf Coast occasionally. I could use David’s talent on the kitchen of my otherwise extra nice villa, or maybe a new lanai/pool makeover. Anyhow, I still watch and love David, and live in fear that the current criticism may someday be doom to my favorite HGTV show. However, I do miss the San Francisco crew. Ian and Danielle were like your best friends you like to show off. Ian was a good balance for David and Danielle is the daughter of some lucky parents. I can’t say too much positive for the new group, but then perhaps they will grow on viewers???????????? By the way, HGTV is offering way too much real estate buying and selling. Design shows were made for those of us who love our homes and want to live in comfort and beauty. Don’t forget, SW Florida (Bonita Springs would be good)! Thanks for the chance to vent. Joanne

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