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Flipping Out’s Ryan Brown finds new TV home

by Jim Halterman
Monday May 30, 2011

The Learning Channel (TLC) is moving back into the design business and what better way to do that than with a fun concept and a super cute (and familiar) host.

Television audiences first met Ryan Brown on the Bravo series "Flipping Out" as the former love interest and business partner of designer Jeff Lewis. While the business partnership (and friendship) fell apart in dramatic fashion on that show, Brown can now be seen on TLC’s "Spouse vs. House".

In each episode of the series, a couple is given $25,000 to redesign their house but the catch is that the husband is assigned the task of spending the money and designing the house while the wife is sent away with practically no knowledge of what the house will be like when she returns. Will she like what she sees when she returns to the house or will sparks fly with disappointment and anger? Will Brown have to offer up his shoulder for crying?

EDGE’s Jim Halterman rang up Brown and chatted about the show, whether gay couples will be in the mix and if he and Lewis have reconciled at this point in time.

A little scary

EDGE: Tell me the genesis of your involvement in "Spouse vs. House".

Ryan Brown: TLC called me up and asked if I’d be interested in doing it and I obviously jumped at the chance. TLC is such a great network and so I was thrilled to be at the forefront of their launch back into the home development programming, which they’ve been out of for awhile. It’s very exciting to be the first one out of the gate - and a little scary, too - but I think it’s a great concept and a cool show. A lot of these home improvement shows are just home improvement but this is home improvement/marriage improvement. It’s the psychology and design all mixed up in one and something totally interesting and new.

EDGE: In the format of the show, is it always the husband that actually does the home improvement over the wife?

Ryan Brown: Yes, it’s always the husband that gets to do it, which is in an interesting twist. I think the women, in general, were the ones that really pushed for the whole thing on the show. The guy was probably like ’Yeah, yeah, whatever’ so to have the woman pulled out of the house was a big deal for them.


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