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Lounge-Zilla - Asian Sings The Blues

by Howie Green
Wednesday Oct 6, 2004
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Be Afraid...be VERY afraid!
Be Afraid...be VERY afraid!  (Source:The Theatre Offensive)

Lounge-Zilla!, currently playing at the Boston Center For the Arts in the South End, is the funniest thing to hit Boston since they presesented the original budget for the Big Dig -- and THAT was funny!

In show biz there is nothing sadder than a no-talent, self-absorbed, bitter and ego-manical, entertainer who never makes it to the "Big Room". Luckily for us there also nothing funnier! Lounge-Zilla! mines that rich vein of humor for all its worth.

And thankfully there are no sacred cows. Cabaret, Fag Hags, Disney and even (gasp) the Boy Scouts are all chew up and spit out in hilarious fashion by the utterly adorable, insanely talented and seriously demented Feily Matias. Matias and Dennis Giacino (otherwise known as the Ooops Guys) have put together an act that rivals Will and Grace’s "Just Jack" and Bette Midler’s "Vickie Edie" as the worst acts in show business. With costumes and props from Rip Taylor’s yard sale, Matias mugs, sings and blasts his way through such tender and touching songs as "The Man Who Makes My Stomach Turn", "Ode to a Fag Hag", "Pocahantas’ Lament", "I’m a Teenage Mutant Boy Scout" and the big finale number "Go, Get Out, I’m Done!" Giacino wrote the songs and lyrics and while the music sounds a lot like "Suddenly Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors, it serves as perfect background for the off-center and deliriously politically-incorrect lyrics.

When you are making fun of something truly awful its kind of a tricky line to walk. Matias steps in and out of character throughout the show so the joke is always on him and yet you know that he knows that you know that it’s all just for laughs. Matias’s costumes add to overall air of absurdity and feature a tacky kimona, a gaudy 60’s Esther Williams swimsuit and a Boy Scout uniform...with a serious member mutation.

The small theatre at the newly rennovated Boston Center For The Arts is a perfect showplace for such an intimate performance and if you hang around after the show you can meet the performers and have them autograph their CD.

So stop reading this and go get tickets! Lounge-Zilla is only in town for a few more days and if you miss it you will miss a very silly and very entertaining evening of the demented "cabaret" that you won’t soon forget.

Lounge-Zilla is part of the Theatre Offensive’s 2004 Out on the Edge Festival of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender theatre... did I miss anyone? Anyway, the Festival continues through the end of October.

Lounge-zilla! Asian Sings the Blues is playing at the Boston Center for the Art through Oct. 9.
For more info see http://www.thetheateroffensive.org.
For more info on the Oops Guys see http://www.kookyart.com/oopsguys/

Howie Green is a Boston-based artist and painter whose portrait of rapper Biggie Smalls appears on the album "Incredible". He is winner of Absolut Vodka’s 25th Anniversary art competition and he painted 3 of the cows in the Boston Cow Parade. He recently painted a series of Pop Art Murals at the Dimock Center in Boston, MA and completed large art and mural installations in Delray Beach and Jacksonville, FL. He also recently painted the front entrance to Boston City Hall. His a multi-media designer and author of several books including "Jazz Fish Zen: Adventures in Mamboland" - and he once sang back-up for the opening act at a Shaun Cassidy concert in Madison Square Garden.


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