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LGBT Leaders and Electeds Make Final Push for Healthcare Enrollment

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 12
During the week of January 12-16, LGBT leaders and elected officials have teamed up to enroll the community for new health plans under the Affordable Care Act before the open enrollment period ends on February 15.

5 Government Tips for Healthy Eating

By Mary Clare Jalonick | Jan 9
For years, the government has told Americans to eat their vegetables. A rewrite of the government's dietary guidelines could include some new advice, too, on sugar, salt, meat and caffeine.

Help Ditch Weight With Celsius Products

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 9
If your New Year's resolution was to lose weight and get in shape, the makers of Celsius are ready to help you with the world's first negative-calorie beverage.

Emelina Minero Hosts 31 Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge

By EDGE | Jan 9
Out lesbian Emelina Minero decided that she wanted to be a part of creating a counterculture to the negative messages that bombard society. So she co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her mom, Michelle Minero, an eating disorder recovery therapist.

Avoid Frostbite with Tips from Dermatologists

Jan 8
This video is part of the Dermatology A to Z: Video Series, which offers relatable videos that demonstrate tips people can use to properly care for their skin, hair and nails.

CDC Releases Annual STD Surveillance Report

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 7
The CDC released their latest data for STDs, which shows decreases in clamydia and gonorrhea, but a rise in syphilis, especially among MSM.

Seven Steps For Successful Weight Loss Resolution This Year

By EDGE | Jan 6
This year, make your resolution stick with the help of Myo Nwe, M.D. and Sandeep Grewal M.D., inventors of the SlimPlate System and authors of the book "Fat-Me Not: Weight Loss Diet of the Future."

Why Men Don't Get Tested More Often For STDs

By EDGE | Jan 5
Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming increasingly common. For individuals who are sexually active, especially those with multiple partners, the two basic recommendations include using protection and getting tested.

Fake Bar Helps Test Anti-Drinking Drug

By Lauran Neergaard | Jan 3
Inside the hospital at the National Institutes of Health, researchers are testing a possible new treatment to help heavy drinkers cut back - using a replica of a fully stocked bar.

The Latest in Plastic Surgery: Do You Dare in 2015?

By EDGE | Jan 2
Botox, filler, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, that's so 2014. The demand for outright wacky plastic surgery has surpassed virtually anyone's imagination including most plastic surgeons.

21 thru 30 of 5576 Stories