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Synthetic Pot Epidemic: Can China Help?

Sep 17
Two warehouses in the Bronx filled with synthetic drugs were raided Wed. in one of the largest actions against synthetic drugs.

Jon Stewart Lobbies Congress to Extend 9/11 Healthcare Program

Sep 17
Comedian Jon Stewart traveled to Capitol Hill to lobby Congress for an extension on healthcare benefits for 70,000 emergency workers involved in the 9/11 cleanup.

Man Who Lost Penis in Accident Gets Implant, Has 2 Week Erection

By EDGE | Sep 15
A U.K. man who lost his penis in a freak car accident when he was six recently underwent surgery to receive a penis implant, which resulted in a two-week erection after the operation.

Doctor Examines Race and Medicine in New Book

Sep 11
Blacks make up more than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but only 4 percent of the nation's doctors. Dr. Damon Tweedy's new book, "Black Man in a White Coat," looks at how that gap harms black patients.

NYU Researchers See Uptick in Hep C Among HIV+ MSM

Sep 10
While sexual contact is not the most efficient means of hepatitis C (HCV) transmission, there have been several reports of outbreaks of sexually transmitted HCV in HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM).

Dieting and The Glycemic Index

Sep 10
Fitness guru Warren Honeycutt gives you the tips you need to navigate the glycemic index and keep you feeling satisfied longer.

Judge Clears Way for House Lawsuit Challenging Health Law

Sep 10
A federal judge cleared the way for a legal challenge by congressional Republicans to President Obama's health care law to proceed.

New York City to Require Salt Warnings on Restaurant Menus

By Jennifer Peltz | Sep 9
Salty fare from sandwiches to salads will soon come with a first-of-its-kind warning label at chain restaurants in New York City.

Drilling Boom Means More Harmful Waste Spills

By John Flesher | Sep 9
There is a side effect of oil and gas production that has worsened with the past decade's drilling boom: spills of wastewater that foul the land, kill wildlife and threaten freshwater supplies.

Oral Cancer is Now Plaguing Younger Generations

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 4
Once the disease of older people who regularly drink and smoke, oral cancer is now plaguing younger generations, causing facial deformities, and, in some cases, death.

21 thru 30 of 5684 Stories