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Coca-Cola Funded Nonprofit: Diet Doesn't Cause Obesity

Aug 12
The soda giant Coca-Cola donated millions to the Global Energy Balance Network who claim that diet, including the consumption of sugary drinks, is not the main cause of obesity: Exercise is.

FDA Issues Warning Over Kim Kardashian's Drug Promotions

By Matthew Perrone | Aug 12
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is no stranger to criticism, having spent the better part of the last decade in the public eye. But she's probably never faced negative publicity like this before: The Food and Drug Administration says Kardashian's social me

The Science Behind Stress Eating

Aug 12
A new study explores why we reach for chocolate instead of an apple when we're under pressure.

How Your Eyes Can Reveal Potential Health Problems

Aug 10
Some 61 million adults in this country are at risk for vision loss, but only half saw an eye doctor in the last year.

Science Behind Why Women Feel Colder at Work

Aug 9
The decades-old formula for choosing the air temperature is based solely on men's needs.

NYC Sees Surge in Synthetic Pot Use, With Dire Consequences

By Tom Hays | Aug 8
In recent months, there's been a spike in emergency room visits in New York City by users suffering from high blood pressure, hallucinations, hot flashes and psychotic meltdowns that can turn violent or deadly.

American Psychological Assoc. Adopts Guidelines for Working with Transgender People

By EDGE | Aug 6
The "Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People" were adopted by APA's Council of Representatives at its meeting Aug. 5.

Can Flying too Much Make You Sick?

Aug 6
A new study shows that jet-setting around the world too much could be bad for your health.

Soylent Liquid Meals Reimagine Daily Nutrition

Aug 5
What if you never need to worry about food again?

Do You Have an Ambivert Personality?

Aug 3
There's a middle ground on the personality spectrum.

21 thru 30 of 5646 Stories