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Major Cyberattack Targets UCLA Hospital System

Jul 19
A months-long cyberattack on the University of California, Los Angeles hospital system put at risk the personal information for up to 4.5 million people, officials said.

California Shark Attack Rates Plunge 90 Pct Since 1950s

By Christopher Weber | Jul 17
Swimmers and surfers today are about 90 percent less likely to be attacked by sharks off California's coast than they were in the 1950s, even though there are hundreds of thousands more people in the water, according to a new study.

CytoDyn's PRO 140 Monotherapy Shows Complete HIV Viral-Load Suppression

By EDGE | Jul 16
CytoDyn believes that complete virologic suppression through treatment with a single agent, rather than through the widely used HAART combination therapy, could present a significant opportunity to treat HIV infection.

Merck's 'More Than a Mother' Campaign Helps Kenyan Women

By EDGE | Jul 16
Merck has announced the start of "More than a Mother" campaign as part of Merck Fertility Capacity Advancement Program, in collaboration with University of Nairobi and Kenya Women Parliamentary Association.

FDA Ups Warning for Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Jul 16
The FDA has revised its warning about anti-inflammatory drugs, cautioning users about their risks. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook explains.

Researchers Use X-Ray Crystallography to Create Map of HIV

By EDGE | Jul 15
Researchers created a model of an HIV capsid protein, then used X-ray crystallography to unravel the protein's secrets.

Pricey Successor Overtakes $1,000-Per-Pill Hepatitis C Drug

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Jul 15
The $1,000 pill for a liver-wasting viral infection that made headlines last year is no longer the favorite of patients and doctors. The new leading pill for hepatitis C is more expensive, and the number of patients seeking a cure has surged.

A New Shoe that Grows for Children

Jul 15
"Because International" is a nonprofit that has developed a new children's shoe that expands up to five sizes.

Sharks, Fascinating and Scary, Capture Our Attention

By Tamara Lush | Jul 14
Their prey has been human: In a 28-day span, eight people have been bitten by sharks in North Carolina, a new high for the 80 years in which records have been kept.

Policy Experts Recommend Updates for Ryan White HIV Program

By EDGE | Jul 13
Leading HIV/AIDS experts issued three policy briefs for ensuring that the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is updated to be maximally effective in a changing health care environment.

21 thru 30 of 5618 Stories