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John Tartaglia is Sold on 'Buyer and Cellar'

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Feb 27, 2015
John Tartaglia, best known for his work in "Avenue Q," is taking his shot at the the Barbara Streisand inspired comedy "Buyer and Cellar" at New Brunswick's George Street Playhouse.

Kazakhstan Senate Approves 'Gay Propaganda' Measure

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Feb 27, 2015
Kazakhstan's senate approved of a draft bill similar to Russia's infamous and highly controversial "homosexuality propaganda" law that bans "non-traditional sexual orientation."

Director Robin Campillo on his 'Eastern Boys'

By Robert Nesti | Friday Feb 27, 2015
EDGE speaks with the Cesar-nominated director Robin Campillo about his provocative and uncompromising new film "Eastern Boys."

Council Member Corey Johnson Unveils 'HASA for All' Legislation

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 27, 2015
On February 26, NYC Council Health Committee Chair Corey Johnson unveiled long-sought legislation that would expand HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) benefits to all low-income, HIV-positive New York City residents.

Eastern Boys

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Feb 27, 2015
Filmmaker Robin Campilio's disturbing new thriller sharply contrasts two different sides of society in contemporary France with a very chilling effect.


By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Feb 27, 2015
The movie just won't settle in and become any one thing. In the end you don't end up laughing with this movie as much as groaning at it.

Roadhouse (The Musical)

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 27, 2015
Patrick Swayze's forgettable flick about a bouncer for hire gets the musical stage treatment in this amusing production from The Wilbury Group.

Hub Theatre Swingin' into 3rd Season with Dark Farce 'Loot'

By Michael Cox | Friday Feb 27, 2015
Hub Theatre Company of Boston will kick off its third season this spring with Joe Orton's irreverent and amoral dark farce, "Loot," at the First Church in Boston Friday, March 27-Sunday, April 12.

How Not to Decorate: 5 Hints for Home Design

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Feb 27, 2015
Whether you're moving into a new home or upgrading your current living space, Paula Berberian, Creative Director of Wallpops, offers five useful tips for making design decisions that you won't regret.

HOLD FOR CLIENT APPROVAL: W Hotels' 'Turn It Up For Change' Campaign Takes Over Hollywood

By Matthew Wexler | Friday Feb 27, 2015
W Hotels' "Turn It Up For Change" campaign continues to amp up its efforts for marriage equality with a recent vogue party at W Hollywood with appearances by Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne and more.

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