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Five Easy Ways to Green Your Home

HOME | By Mike Halterman | Monday Apr 21, 2014
There are many easy ways to make a big difference in the environment that start and stop with you and the activities you do every day in your house. Read this list and make a vow to do at least some of the things on it.

15 Eco-Friendly Products For Your Home, Inside and Out

HOME | By Mike Halterman | Apr 19
We should all do our part to help the environment. Perhaps you’ve wanted to, but you didn’t know where to start. That’s why we consulted the experts over at BuyGreen.com

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

HOME | By Mike Halterman | Apr 18
Sometimes it can feel like this blessed time is here only for a few days, but we have a good few weeks left to enjoy springtime. Here are a few things you can do to get your home energized for this fun time of year.

Wall to Wall: 4 Wallpaper Trends for Spring

HOME | By Matthew Wexler | Apr 14
A room can be transformed in more ways than one. Can’t afford new furniture? Consider accenting one wall (or all four) with designer wallpaper. Here are four expert tips from Brewster Home Fashions on what’s trending from Maison et Objet in Paris.

Growing Demand for US Apartments Pushing Up Rents

HOME | By Alex Veiga | Apr 9
These are good times for U.S. landlords. For many tenants, not so much. With demand for apartments surging, rents are projected to rise for a fifth straight year. Even a pickup in apartment construction is unlikely to provide much relief anytime soon.

Customized roses from flowermuse.com.

Fluff Your Basket: 6 Easter Makeovers

HOME | By Courtney Lake | Apr 7
Peeps, beware. EDGE offers modern design ideas for revamping your Easter basket. Add some stylish new twists to a classic holiday treat with these super cool creations that will have you hopping through the grassy knoll with your tail all a-flutter.

First lady Michelle Obama hugs two students as she arrives to plant the White House Kitchen Garden at the White House.

First Lady Plants White House Garden for Spring

HOME | By Darlene Superville | Apr 3
Spring has sprung at the White House and soon the vegetables will, too. With lots of helping hands on Wednesday, Michelle Obama replanted her fruit and vegetable garden on the South Lawn.

Get Crafty: DIY Home Decor

HOME | By Jill Gleeson | Apr 2
EDGE discovers five DIY destinations for playing with your inner child with results that are age appropriate, though the taste level may be in the eyes of the creator. Are you destined to be the next Nate Berkus? Only time will tell...

Las Pozas, Mexico, a dreamy, little-known garden of surreal art, created by the late Edward James.

A Surreal Art Garden in the Mexican Jungle

HOME | By Teresa de Miguel Escribano | Apr 1
Discover Las Pozas, a dreamy, little-known garden of surreal art, where sculptures evoke the ruins of ancient Greece but are overrun by exotic jungle plants. It was created by the late Edward James, a British multimillionaire and arts patron.

That’s Independent: Pet Stores Are Barking Up Their Own Trees

HOME | By David Toussaint | Mar 31
A quick look at four independent pet stores around the country gives you a glimpse of what you can find when you don’t hit the big chains. To borrow a line from a familiar dating site, "Woof!"

Do I Need Art in My Life? :: Seven Reasons Why The Answer is Yes!

HOME | By Alexander Salazar | Mar 30
I have been asked "Do I need art in my life?" I realize now that it’s not a question about me but more about you, the reader. I can offer seven strong reasons that art should be part of your life. If they’re not, then you need to get on it!