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Quinto to Play Franco's On Screen Boyfriend in Ex-Gay Biopic

By EDGE | Tuesday Jul 15, 2014
Out gay actor Zachary Quinto will join the famous for playing gay, straight actor James Franco in an upcoming biopic based on the life of a noted twink magazine publishing magnate turned anti-gay minister.

NJ Court Rules ’Ex-Gay’ Therapy Practitioners Potentially Liable for Costs to Undo Their Damage

By EDGE | Tuesday Jun 10, 2014
According to a New Jersey Superior Court ruling, an organization performing gay conversion therapy may be liable to pay for legitimate therapy to undo psychological damage done to their former clients.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Schedule More Ex-Gay Events

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Jun 4, 2014
After two inaugural events that failed to either attract big name speakers or crowds to listen to them, ex-gay advocacy group Voice of the Voiceless is back for a second chance to rally their tens of followers who comprise their base.

’Ex-Gay’ Viral Video Star :: If My Newborn is Gay, I’ll Get Him Help

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Jun 3, 2014
"Ex-Gay" viral video star Antoine Dodson is now a father and made headlines this week after saying he would "turn" his newborn son straight, should he be gay.

Seminar Promises to Help Undo Some Gays in 3 Short Days

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Apr 2, 2014
Ever want to help people deny their nature, but didn’t have the time or desire to study psychology? Do professors with state professional counseling association credentials confuse you? Do you live in the D.C. area and have some time to kill?

AFA Radio: Madonna Made You Queer & Gays Bankroll the Westboro Baptist Church

By EDGE | Tuesday Feb 25, 2014
Did you know that homosexual activists pay for those Westboro Baptist Church "God Hates Fags" signs, and that Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga and sitcoms characters like Claire and Phil Dunphy of "Modern Family" are responsible for turning young boys gay?

Drag Queen’s Protest Spawns Ex-Gay Petition

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Nov 22, 2013
It’s a battle royale over the appearance of a reparative therapy advocate at a Bronx high school between gay activists led by drag queen Miss Coco Peru and ex-gay advocacy group Voice of the Voiceless.

Pro-Gay Groups Pressure Marriott for Hosting Ex-Gay Conference

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Nov 4, 2013
Two pro-gay groups are putting pressure on the Marriott hotel line for their decision to host an ex-gay therapy conference for the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality’s (NARTH) at in Phoenix next August.

Parents of Ex-Gays Seek to Put Va Universities in the ’Time Out Chair’

By EDGE | Thursday Oct 24, 2013
The ongoing religious right temper tantrum had another fit this week when an ex-gay support group called on Virginia lawmakers to stop funding what they call "gay-transvestite centers" at Virginia universities because they ran out of pamphlets.

Lesser Known Baldwin Brother to Headline Ex-Gay Conference

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Oct 18, 2013
Stephen Baldwin, brother of actor and liberal activist Alec Baldwin will be a featured speaker at an ex-gay conference later this month. The three day event called "Rising from the Ashes" is sponsored by ex-gay ministry Hope for Wholeness Network.