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Fla. Student Suspended for Defending Gay Student in Attack

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Feb 10, 2014
A Florida high school student was suspended last week for 10 days after defending an openly gay student who was being bullied and assaulted - even though the alleged attacker has been charged with battery.

UMKC to Host Gay, Lesbian, Tansgender Conference

Friday Jan 31, 2014
The University of Missouri-Kansas City expects to host more than 2,500 college students from across the country next week for the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference.

Lawsuit: Gay Students Bullied in Miss. District

By Holbrook Mohr | Wednesday Dec 18, 2013
A lawsuit filed Tuesday says gay students are routinely bullied in a south Mississippi school district, including a lesbian who was forced to sit alone in the middle of a classroom when others were split into groups of boys and girls.

Middle School Gay-Student Club Fights Bullying

Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
Educators at a Fort Worth middle school have formed an alliance between gay and straight students in response to bullying on school campuses.

Calif. Teen Sets Agender Student’s Skirt Set on Fire

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Nov 7, 2013
A California student who identifies as the non-binary ’agender’ orientation is recovering from severe leg burns after being set on fire by another teenager on a bus.

Gay Teen Who Ripped Out Bible Pages Suspended by Texas School

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Nov 5, 2013
A gay teen who was suspended by the Birdville Independent School District in Texas after ripping out pages of his Bible to protest anti-gay bullying got some help when the American Humanist Association filed a complaint on his behalf.

Baltimore Frat Under Fire for Allegedly Rejecting Gay Pledge

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Oct 29, 2013
A fraternity at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, is under investigation after its officials allegedly rejected a gay pledge.

Gay-Straight Alliance Thrives in Unlikely Place

By Kalhan Rosenblatt | Tuesday Sep 10, 2013
"Tolerance," is Jackie Reale’s least favorite word. The Florida Gulf Coast University senior is on a mission to change the way people think of the word, she says, is often confused with acceptance.

Expelled Gay College Student Battles for Withheld Transcripts

By David Perry | Saturday Jun 29, 2013
Thanks to an online petition, the plight of a young woman expelled from her university for her sexuality, has since brought into focus the anti-gay discriminatory practices some private universities use in the name of religion.

Education Bill ReWrite Would Protect Gay Students

By Philip Elliott | Wednesday Jun 5, 2013
Buried in the proposed rewrite of the nation’s massive education law are protections for gay and lesbian students that its supporters liken to the landmark 1972 protections for the rights of female athletes in high school and college.