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Little Resolved at Emergency Meeting to Address Fire Island Pines Boycott

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, a black cloud remains hovered over Fire Island Pines, which has been in an increasing state of social disarray in the wake of an event held for anti-gay Sen. Ted Cruz at the Manhattan home of Ian Reisner.

Firefighters Called to Put Out Blaze in Fire Island Pines

LOCAL | By EDGE | May 6
The greatest fear common to all Fire Island homeowners became a frightening reality Tuesday.

Ask the Doc: Is 'On Demand' PrEP Effective?

AIDS | By Howard L. Scheiner, MD/AAHIVS | Apr 22
In this week's Ask the Doc column, Dr. Howard Scheiner takes a realistic look at the latest studies around Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) with Truvada, and lets you know what you'll have to do to keep safe this summer.

Inferno Engulfs Businesses in Cherry Grove, Fire Island

LOCAL | By EDGE | Mar 27
A huge fire that sparked overnight has done extensive damage to the gay vacation destination of Cherry Grove on Fire Island. The Cherry Grove Beach Hotel and numerous homes are victims of the blaze.

Ascension Beach Party @ The Fire Island Pines :: August 17, 2014

It's been said that if you only had one weekend to make it to Pines, Ascension is the one not to be missed. With cool ocean breezes and hot hot men, 2014's ninth edition of this perennial summer favorite continued this party's tradition of excellence.

Fire in the Meat Rack!: Fire Island Blaze Takes 17 Fire Departments to Contain

NATIONAL | By Bobby McGuire | Aug 8
The wooded area between Fire Island gay communities in Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines, commonly known to locals as "the meat rack," was the site of a blaze that took 17 fire departments close to two hours to put out early Thursday evening.

Calvin Klein’s Ex Apologizes to Michael Lucas for Fire Island Debacle

CULTURE | By Jason St. Amand | Aug 22
Calvin Klein’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gruber, emailed porn star Michael Lucas and apologized for crashing his VIP tent at the Ascension Party. He did not apologize for allegedly saying he is straight and gay people can’t touch him, however.

Calvin Klein’s Ex: I’m Straight and Gays Can’t Touch Me

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Aug 20
Calvin Klein’s on-and-off-again boy toy Nick Gruber is making headlines this week for allegedly crashing a party on Fire Island, clamming that he is straight and that gay men cannot touch him.

Pavilion :: Anatomy of a Nightclub

MUSIC | By Steve Weinstein | Jul 18
Famed Fire Island nightclub literally rises from the ashes in a spectacular third incarnation.

NY Gay Resort Community Gains Historic Recognition

NATIONAL | By Frank Eltman | Jul 3
Decades before the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, lesbians and gay men were living freely and openly in a place called Cherry Grove.

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