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Bossed Up Teaches Women to Balance Career and Wellness

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Aug 13, 2014
Emilie Aries new career coaching business Bossed Up shows women how to find a healthy balance between their career and their personal life.

Wendy Davis Signals She’ll Run for Texas Governor

Thursday Sep 19, 2013
Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democrat who filibustered an abortion law for nearly 13 hours wearing pink running shoes, began the slow rollout of her campaign for Texas governor.

Cornerstone is "On Point" for LGBT Texas Youth

By Angela Kolter | Wednesday Mar 13, 2013
In an effort to educate the next generation of LGBT leaders, The Point Foundation’s Cornerstone Event brought donors, students and mentors together.

HBGC Cultivates the Next Generation of LGBT Leaders

By Dan Meyer | Saturday Feb 9, 2013
In an effort to cultivate young leaders of the LGBT community, the Hispanic and Black Gay Coalition is launching a New Leaders Institute.

Does Your Company Care About Your Work-Life Balance? Do You?

By William Kapfer | Monday Dec 14, 2009
Tough economic times take a toll on worker’s work-life balance. For this reason, the most successful businesses are remaining sensitive to their employee’s competing demands of city life, friends, relationships, economy, holiday pressures and career when taking a work-life balance approach to leadership.
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