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Bisexuality From A-Z - Part 1 of 3

By Faith Cheltenham | Saturday Aug 30, 2014
In honor of the 15th anniversary of Celebrate Bisexuality Day on Sept. 23rd, 2014, BiNet USA, GLAAD and a host of other bisexual and LGBT organizations are launching Bisexual Awareness Week. Here's Part 1 of a handy primer...

Seattle City Council Backs End to Gay Blood Donation Ban

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Aug 7, 2014
The City Council of Seattle, Washington, unanimously backed a repeal of America's longstanding ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood.

Calif. Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder, Hate Crime Charges of Shooting Bi Man

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Aug 5, 2014
A California man, who is accused of shooting a bisexual man, pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, a hate crime and a special circumstances allegation of lying in wait Friday.

PopUps :: Larry King Learns What it is to be Bisexual

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Aug 1, 2014
Was anyone surprised Larry King didn't know what it means to be bisexual? Well maybe you were; it's 2014 after all.

Finding the ’B’ in LGBT History

By Faith Cheltenham | Sunday Jul 6, 2014
Lani Ka’ahumanu, BiNet USA co-founder and leader in the bi movement for almost 35 years, turned 70 last October. Lani’s list of accomplishments is exhaustive.

Atlanta Polyamory Conference is "Bringing Sexy Back"

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jun 4, 2014
Fans of relationship diversity will gather on June 6-8 for the Atlanta Poly Weekend, now celebrating its fourth year. This year’s theme is "Bringing Sexy Back."

Proudly Representing the ’B’ in LGBT: Let’s Hear it For Bisexuals

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Sunday Apr 20, 2014
While this list is by no means complete, it does pay homage to some of the better-known Bs in LGBT.

B: The Forgotten Letter in LGBT

By Sasha Razumikhin | Sunday Apr 20, 2014
What is a bisexual person? The answer isn’t as clean cut as some may think.

UK Bi Teen Lied About Hate Crime Attack, Police Say

By Robert Nesti | Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
The claims by a British bisexual teen who said he was viciously attacked because of his sexuality last month are false, according to local authorities.

Out Dutch Politicians Campaign on Grindr

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Mar 6, 2014
Two out politicians from Amsterdam have taken their campaigns to a new level: they have created profiles on the popular gay hookup app, Grindr.

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