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HIV+ Asian-Americans: Silence & Stigma

HIV/AIDS | By Steve Weinstein | Dec 10
Gay HIV-positive Americans from East Asia and the Pacific Islands ("API") are caught between blatant prejudice from other gay men and their own communities.

Orange County Vietnamese LGBTs Fight For Identity

LOCAL | By Louise Adams | Mar 20
As their numbers continue to grow, LGBT Vietnamese in areas around California work to find a space where they are accepted. But with their prohibition from participating in the T?t Parade, they are seeking other methods of inclusion.

Diwali Brings Together Boston’s South Asian LGBTs

LOCAL | By Antoinette Weil | Nov 17
With Diwali here, EDGE looks at South Asian LGBT groups in Boston who promote awareness and acceptance through community outreach while providing a social space for people to share a common identity.

Debuting the Next Generation of Asian Pacific American Fashion Designers

With the success of designers like Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang, and the recent launch of Jason Wu at Target, the influence of Asian Americans in the fashion industry is more prominent than ever.

Asian Sensibility at Newest Luxury Spa in Swiss Alps

The Alpina Gstaad, the newest luxury hotel to open in this Swiss Alpine village in 100 years, will feature a Six Senses Spa, melding Swiss Alpine architecture with an Asian sensibility.

Kevin Moon Loh on ’American Idiot’

THEATRE | By Chris Carpenter | May 22
The 28- year old triple threat from Long Island is the only openly gay member of the touring cast, as well as its only fully Asian-American participant. He spoke with The Rage Monthly during the show’s just-concluded Los Angeles run.

API Wellness Boasts Broad Scope

LOCAL | By Seth Hemmelgarn | May 15
The name of the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center might imply a narrow focus, but Executive Director Lance Toma said that since the agency’s start 25 years ago, the nonprofit has never been meant just for Asians and Pacific Islanders.

The Tasty Charms of Taiwan

By Mark Thompson | Apr 5
One of Asia’s most progressive countries for LGBT rights, Taiwan hosts the largest LGBT event in Asia. A country in rapid transition, what you see today will be vastly different in another ten years. Or as the motto has it: "The time for Taiwan is now."

The Charms of Taiwan: The Photos

Apr 5
As the Chinese proverb has it, "Don’t listen to what they say. Go see." The Portuguese rechristened Taiwan "Formosa," meaning "beautiful island." Check out these photos of some of Taiwan’s charms.

Taiwan’s Eco-Tourism Programs Attract International Travelers

Feb 26
With lush-green mountains towering over 13,000 feet and a sub-tropical climate, Taiwan offers a variety of incredible natural resources and was recently named by Lonely Planet as one of the "Top 10 Best Countries to Visit in 2012."

1 thru 10 of 13 Stories