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Who Deserves to Be the Next President of the U.S.?

By Chris Sosa | Saturday Nov 3, 2012
On Nov. 6, citizens will decide who becomes the next President of the United States. Here’s my decision.

Young Millennials -- Fiscal Conservatives?

By Martha Irvine | Monday Oct 29, 2012
This generation of young Americans has been called many things, from civic-minded to "entitled." But fiscally conservative? That’s a new one, and it just might have an impact on the presidential election.

Recall of Pro Marriage Equality Judge May Boost Romney Vote in Iowa

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Oct 29, 2012
Conservative magazine the National Review speculates that Iowa voters, motivated to recall a State Supreme Court judge who voted for gay marriage, could swing the state -- & the national -- presidential election for Mitt Romney.

Guns, Climate, Gays Missing in Presidential Race

By Charles Babington | Thursday Oct 25, 2012
Gay marriage, climate change, global warming or gun control did not come up during the presidential debates.

Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Romney for President

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Oct 24, 2012
The Log Cabin Republicans, a Republican gay rights group, announced on Tuesday that they will endorsee Mitt Romney for president just weeks before voting takes place.

Pop Ups :: Lindsay & Lena Get Political, Ri Gets Naked

By Jason St. Amand | Saturday Oct 13, 2012
Want to know who Lindsay Lohan and Lena Dunham are voting for this November? Want to see Rihanna’s new almost naked album cover? Read in the latest edition of Pop Ups.

Romney Promises No Abortion Legislation

By Steve Peoples | Wednesday Oct 10, 2012
Wading into an explosive social issue, Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday said he would not pursue any abortion-related legislation if elected president.

Give Obama Another Term: Get Out And Vote

By William Kapfer | Wednesday Oct 3, 2012
Kapfer freely states his personal opinion about which candidate he believes would be the best person to be our next president and why. Substantive examples given.

Wall Street’s Biggest GOP Backer Also Gay Marriage Supporter

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Sep 27, 2012
Although Paul Singer support same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, the Wall Street hedge-fund manager has been influential with the GOP and is determined to get Mitt Romney elected this November.

Romney Wants Gay Grandkids to be ’Gay’

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Sep 21, 2012
Despite opposing marriage equality, Mitt Romney said this Wednesday that he would want his grandkids to be happy if they happened to be gay.