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General Mills Denies Participation With Anti-Gay Pol & Obesity Campaign

By EDGE | Monday Jun 16, 2014
Don’t bother rushing out to get your very own box of Aaron Schock Wheaties -- according to a spokesperson from General Mills, it’s not happening.

New Wheaties, Now With Irony:: Anti-Gay Pol Gets Box Cover Gig

By Bobby McGuire | Friday Jun 13, 2014
An allegedly closeted congressman, Aaron Schock, adds a Wheaties box to his growing list of modeling gigs.

You’re Out!:: Noted Gay Journalist Removes Closet Door Of Anti-Gay GOP Representative

By EDGE | Saturday Jan 4, 2014
In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, noted gay CBS journalist Itay Hod outed Illinois congressman Aaron Schock, calling out the two-term politician on the hypocrisy of an alleged recent sexual exploit in light of his anti-gay voting record.

Ill. Rep. Aaron Schock’s Gay Marriage Quote Revives Rumors

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Feb 1, 2013
GOP pin-up hunk Ill. Rep. Aaron Sochock gave a strange, fumbling answer when asked why he opposes marriage equality that revived longstanding rumors about his own sexual preference.

GOP Rep. Aaron Schock Responds to Gay Rumors: ’Look It Up’

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Sep 6, 2012
Hottie Republican Congressman Aaron Schock has denied that he is gay once again, after being asked about his sexual orientation during the Republican National Convention.
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