Maine Dunkin' Donuts Gives 'Deflategate' Judge Free Coffee for Life

NEWS | Sep 4
A Dunkin' Donuts shop in Maine is offering free coffee for life to the federal judge who lifted New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension.

With Clerk Jailed, Marriage Licenses Lack Signatures

NEWS | Sep 4
Marriage licenses issued by Rowan County today are missing the clerk's usual signature.

Bristol Palin Targets Missouri Transgender Teen in Blog Post

NEWS | Sep 4
A transgender teen is the latest subject of a poison pen blog post by Bristol Palin.

Hate Group Leader Likens Incarcerated County Clerk to a Jew in Nazi Germany

NEWS | Sep 4
Is Kim Davis, the "Rosa Parks of the religious right" also an Anne Frank too? One hate group leader thinks so.

Rally for Decriminalization of Sex Work Held in Brooklyn Thursday

NEWS | Sep 4
A rally was held in Brooklyn Thursday outside of the federal court building in support of seven employees of the gay escort website who are being charged with prostitution. Demonstrators are calling for the decriminalization of sex work.

New Hampshire Pulls Bartending Guides for Sexual Drink Names

NEWS | Sep 4
New Hampshire has pulled hundreds of bartending guides from state-run liquor stores after workers complained that the drink manuals contained sexually explicit and derogatory drink names such as "stripper mom."

Fraternity Members Allegedly Shout Slurs, Choke and Strip Gay Man

NEWS | Sep 4
A gay man believes his outfit of metallic red shorts and a tank top was what triggered what he said was an assault and homophobic taunting during a weekend incident at a University of North Dakota fraternity house that police are investigating.

Heated Protests in Rowan County After Gay Couple Gets License

NEWS | Sep 4
Dozen of protesters have gathered outside a Kentucky clerk's office where a gay couple has been issued a marriage license after a lengthy fight with a clerk who had long refused to grant the licenses.

With Emmys Change, 'OITNB' Creator Not a Fan of Genres

ENTERTAINMENT | By Mesfin Fekadu | Sep 4
The creator of "Orange Is the New Black" says though the Emmys switched the hit show from the comedy category to drama, she's not a fan of people boxing the series into a single genre.

Court: Transgender Asylum Seekers Cant' Be Equated with Gays

NEWS | By Sudhin Thanawala | Sep 4
The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued the ruling in the case of a transgender Mexican woman who sought shelter in the U.S. on the grounds that she would likely be tortured if returned to Mexico.


Puerto Rican Voters Prized By Democrats, Republicans

By Sergio Bustos | Sep 4
Residents of Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens but can't vote for president. Yet Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton are campaigning there, following two other 2016 White House hopefuls.


A Q&A with Wall Street's Top Psychiatrist on Market Turmoil

By Matthew Craft | Sep 3
When it seems like the stock market has lost its mind, big banks and investment firms often turn to one particular psychiatrist: Richard Peterson, CEO of MarketPsych, a firm that applies research from behavioral science to financial markets.


Court Sides with Uber Drivers to Expand Case Over Pay

By Sudhin Thanawala | Sep 2
A federal judge granted class-action status Tuesday to a lawsuit in California against Uber over the payment of its drivers, upping the stakes for the ride-hailing company in the case.


Polish Fireman Returns Huge Diamond Ring to Paris Hilton

Sep 3
The 34-year-old socialite lost an enormous diamond-studded ring on an airport shuttle bus in the Polish city of Lodz last week. But she won't be parted from the jewel for long: an honest fireman who found it is returning it to her.


Oral Cancer is Now Plaguing Younger Generations

By Winnie McCroy | Sep 4
Once the disease of older people who regularly drink and smoke, oral cancer is now plaguing younger generations, causing facial deformities, and, in some cases, death.