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Charlotte Holds First Gay Pride in 19 Years

Monday Aug 26, 2013
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Thousands of people turned out for Charlotte’s first gay pride parade in nearly 20 years.

Mayor Patsy Kinsey and two openly gay City Council members on Sunday rode in the parade that included a marching band, floats and motorcyclists.

A spokesman for organizers said about 70,000 people attended weekend events, with about 20,000 on hand for the parade.

Media chairman Matt Comer says there had not been enough community support and organization in recent years.

The parade included a diverse crowd of people wearing rainbow colors.

There were some protesters at the parade, including one man who waved his Bible as the marchers moved down the street.

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  • Blondie , 2013-08-26 09:34:01

    "...including one man who waved his Bible as the marchers moved down the street." Oh don’t judge! He was just waving at the people saying Hi! LOL ;) >yes, that was sarcasm<

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