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7 Gay Rights Activists Arrested During Idaho Capitol Protest

Thursday Feb 20, 2014
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Idaho State Police arrested six people for trespassing and another for misdemeanor battery after three dozen gay rights protesters blocked entrances to the Idaho Senate in a renewed effort to convince majority Republican lawmakers to consider a bill promoting anti-discrimination protections.

Thursday’s demonstration comes after 44 protesters were arrested Feb. 3 in a similar action and charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

Idaho State Police spokeswoman Teresa Baker confirmed the arrests, saying the battery charges stemmed from a complaint filed by Senate Sergeant at Arms Sarah Jane McDonald. McDonald was not injured.
McDonald didn’t immediately return a call.

Senators entered the chamber Thursday and voted on bills, but visitors were barred from leaving the front entrances on the Capitol’s third and fourth floors.

Some were ushered to a back exit by lawmakers.

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