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Nintendo Profits Up on Healthy Switch Demand for Christmas

Nintendo Profits Up on Healthy Switch Demand for Christmas

By Yuri Kageyama | Jan 31
Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co. reported Thursday a 29% rise in quarterly profit, as its earnings got a lift from solid demand for the Switch console during the year-end shopping season.

Passenger Takes over Airport Monitor for Video Game

Passenger Takes over Airport Monitor for Video Game

Jan 18
A passenger waiting for a flight at an Oregon airport needed a bit more screen space for his video game so he plugged his Playstation 4 into a computer screen that had been displaying a map of the airport.

Fight Over Cash-Paying Video Games Hits Crucial Stretch

Fight Over Cash-Paying Video Games Hits Crucial Stretch

By Marc Levy | Jan 12
Just across the mall lobby from the glass-door entrance to the Pennsylvania attorney general's office sits a cash-paying electronic game terminal that the office is fighting to outlaw, like thousands of other devices like it around the state.

Green Gaming: Video Game Firms Make Climate Promises At UN

By Jennifer Peltz | Sep 24
The companies behind PlayStation, Xbox, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Twitch and other video games and platforms pledged Monday at the U.N. to level up efforts to fight climate change and get their throngs of users involved.

Gaming Heavyweights Raise $17M for New Esports Network

By Jake Seiner | Sep 18
A new venture backed by many of video gaming's biggest publishers is unveiling a network that hopes to be to esports what ESPN has been to traditional sports.

Stop Blaming Video Games for Mass Killings

By Christopher J. Ferguson, Stetson University | Aug 11
Any claims that there is consistent evidence that violent video games encourage aggression are simply false.

Walmart Pulls Violent Game Displays but Will Still Sell Guns

By Michelle Chapman, Mae Anderson and Joseph Pisani | Aug 9
Walmart has ordered workers to remove video game signs and displays that depict violence from stores nationwide after 22 people died in a shooting at one of its Texas stores but will continue to sell guns.

No, There's Still No Link Between Video Games and Violence

By Mae Anderson | Aug 7
Do video games trigger violent behavior? Scientific studies have found no link. But the persistent theory is back in the headlines following the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday.

Ninja Out: Gaming Megastar Leaves Twitch for Mixer

By Jake Seiner | Aug 2
Fortnite superstar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has left Twitch and is taking his video game live streams to Microsoft's Mixer platform, a stunning switch that could have wide-ranging consequences for the rapidly growing industry.

Unopened 1987 Nintendo Video Game Could Sell for $10,000

Aug 1
An unopened copy of a 1987 cult-classic video game that a Nevada man found in the attic of his childhood home is expected to sell for up to $10,000 at an online auction.

16-Year-Old Fortnite World Champ Wins $3 Million

Jul 30
Kyle Giersdorf, of Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, won $3 million as the first Fortnite World Cup solo champion. The competition took place Sunday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

Passengers on Southwest Flight Get Nintendo Switch

Jul 19
Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight got more than a small bottle of water when they boarded their plane.

Nintendo Shifts Some Switch Production from China to Vietnam

By Yuri Kageyama | Jul 9
Nintendo Co. plans to start making its Switch video game console in Vietnam this year, transferring some of its production from China, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

Germans Get Chance to Kill Virtual Nazis After Rule Change

Jun 28
Germans itching to shoot virtual Nazis will soon get a chance to do so, after a change in the rules concerning the use of forbidden symbols in video games.

After Outcry, Artist Says 'Cyberpunk 2077' Video Game Artwork is Not Transphoic

By Sam Cronin | Jun 14
Upcoming sci-fi open world game "Cyberpunk 2077" received lots of good press at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last weekend, but one piece of in-game artwork is drawing criticism from fans for possible transphobia.

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